musklivesinchildrenMusik Lives Here has been one of Montana’s strongest promoters and producers of the electronic scene in its numerous, eccentric and vibrant elements since its inception in 2008. It was first started up in the mountains in Gallatin County and has grown to throw events all over Montana, recognizing and supporting talent from our local music scenes.

We have been involved in multiple festivals and concerts, and have organized ‘Fairytale’ ,  ‘The Pirate Party’ , and are now working on creating a new festival called ‘Elevated Roots’. Over the years, the company has compiled an extraordinary amount of  sound equipment, lighting gear, DJ gear, and an arsenal of technical miscellanea very useful for all elements of production.These eccentric setups including lasers, projection mapping, Intelligent lighting, Pyrotechnics, Stage building,  l.e.d. screens,  and insane amounts of sound. This collection of gear has allowed MLH to be involved with many festivals in Montana; ‘Love Your Mother Earth Festival’,’ Shine’,’ Neon City’,’ Hullabaloo’,’ Groovin on the Gallatin’, ‘Disco Bloodbath’, ‘Original Festival’,’ Alien Abduction’, and various others.


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