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The Pirate Party

July 21-24, 2017

Once again our Pirate Ships set their sails for new horizons!


All beauties & bootleggers were cordially invited for our annual voyage to the bass-shaking, breath-taking & heart-connecting adventure in “The Treasure State” Montana.

The Pirate Party has evolved over the last eight years into the biggest pirate themed music and art festival in the Pacific Northwest.  As The Pirate Party has evolved, it has encouraged and inspired many people from all walks of life to come together in the spirit of community. A mixture of self-expression and celebration of service through the arts is at the heart of our production. We intentionally celebrate community involvement with a strong focus on safety and professionalism.  We always strive to excel in the tradition of Montana outdoor music festivals!

Our thoughts return again to the radiant warmth of the sun and this carefree and magical summer event...

The PIRATE ships set their sails in July! All beauties & bootleggers joined us for a voyage back to the breath-taking, (((bass-shaking))), & heart-connecting adventure in our "Treasure State" of Montana. The 9th Annual Pirate Party returned with a new vista at the 50,000 Silver Bar in Haugan, MT and provided you rascals with a three day other-worldly experience; full of enchanting visuals, metaphysical arts, and melodic vibrations ~ ♪♪

Surrounded by gorgeous mountain scenery and the lush creations of mother nature, The Pirate Party attendees have the opportunity to experience diverse selections of electronic music, creative workshops, hot spring pool parties, fire-spinning, and aerial & flow performing arts. Last year’s Pirate Party left incredible, ever-lasting memories for us all, and we can’t wait to rage and renew with you pirates & wenches again this summer!

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The Pirate Party strives to promote, celebrate and flourish through community involvement and foundational culture building, performing our role in keeping the traditions of Montana outdoor music festivals alive in our shared new era.

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