• Alcohol consumption is limited to the legal age limit in Montana, 21+ only,  Security will be checking IDs, and will confiscate alcohol from underage attendees and has the option to pursue the matter further at the discretion of the Security staff.
  • No illegal drugs allowed!
  • If you’re going to consume alcohol, please do so wisely.
  • Wear plenty of sunscreen.
  • Carry and use a flashlight at night. Bring extra batteries.
  • Campfires and candles are forbidden. Safe camping stoves are permitted. Food will be available for purchase on venue grounds.
  • Medical Conditions & Emergencies: If you have a preexisting medical condition please stop by the med tent and tell us about your condition so that if something happens later we will know a little about you. The main Medical Center will be plainly visible on the main road at the bottom of the hill just past the Lower Gate (look for the ambulance parked adjacent). Please locate this important spot as you drive in. Please notify any nearby event staff member with to report any medical or security issues.


Festival Camping is always extremely close quarters and out of respect for those around you please do not bring amplified speakers, or generators that are not part of our production. The music never stops at The Pirate Party and when people retire to their tent they are generally tired, and want to get some rest.  So please,  Respect your Neighbors. Security will be monitoring this so if you have a concern please have them help you deal with the problem if you do not see a means to resolve the situation amicably with your neighbors. If you are a vendor you are allowed to bring silent honda generators, but please do not bring anything bigger than 2000 watts.


These items will be confiscated, and violators will be promptly removed from the venue. Also, if you are caught with glass inside the festival grounds, you may be removed from the property.


If you have a service animal please contact at least TWO WEEKS before the event to send a copy of your animal’s registration and proof. Dogs and other animals are not allowed in either the parking lot or in the venue itself because of the risks and impacts involved with having your dog at the show. Unfortunately, some will choose to ignore these rules, and will bring their pet and leave it in their parked car. Animal Control will break your car window to liberate animals. All dogs left tied up outside of the concert site will be immediately impounded by the local SPCA - THE OWNERS WILL BE CITED IN ALL CASES.

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